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Body Balm Bacche Di Tuscia

The body cream with highly selected aromatic-cosmetic ingredients, leaves the skin soft and sensually scented. Can be used daily after bathing or showering for a soft, smooth and pleasantly scented skin.


Dry Oil Olive Complex

A highly nourishing Body Dry OLIVE OIL (Olea Europaea) has an intense nourishing and restoring properties, excellent in treating dry skin. Eliminates scaly skin and improves skin tone and texture. Ideal for skins with lipid deficiencies and dry skin.


Liquid soap Olive 500 ML

Delicately cleanses the skin leaving it soft and moisturised thank to the nourishing and soothing ingredients of the Organic Tuscan Virgin Olive Oil.


Purifying tonic lotion Olive

A luxurious blend of botanical waters to ensure a soothing, mineralizing and oxygenating effect. An ideal complement to the face cleansing process for a smooth and radiant complexion.


Anti-aging Face Cream Olive

Olive Complex 50 ml
A multi-action rejuvenation treatment with a rich, creamy texture that is quickly absorbed, helps reduce the appearance of skin aging. Thanks to the precious multifunctional complexes it acts effectively against wrinkles.


Body Balm Olive Complex

A light fluid emulsion containing a unique active synergy derived from the olive tree to prevent dry skin, exfoliation and withering. The presence of Organic Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil guarantees an energizing, nourishing effect.


Hydrating Face Cream 24H

Fast absorbing emulsion formulated to improve dry and dehydrated skin. The hydrating molecules enhanced with hyaluronic acid restore the correct degree of skin hydration.


Anti Age Face Cream Pure Rose

Pure Rose BIOCOMPLEX  is a blend containing extracts of 3 organic Roses (Rose Hip, Damask,Centifolia). The cream provides an immediate firming and filler effect. It stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Dry Oil Bacche Di Tuscia

The unique blend of avocado and grape seed oils with pleasant smell of Tuscia berries assures the skin hydration and elasticity, leaving it pleasantly scented. No oily effect.

The unique blend of vegetable oils assures the skin hydration and elastici


Ultra Rich Body Cream Salis

The cream has a velvety texture that is rapidly absorbed by the skin providing nourishment and well-being. Contains organic Sweet Almond Oil BIO, organic Sesame oil, Argan Oil and organic Shea Butter that assist in replenishing the hydrolipidic balance.


Vegetable soap Olive

Delicately cleanses the skin leaving it soft and moisturised thank to the nourishing and soothing ingredients of the Organic Tuscan Virgin Olive Oil. Enriched with flecks of Olive leaves for their exfoliating action promoting the elimination of dead cell


Regenerating Face Mask Olive

A mask with a fresh and creamy texture that revitalizes the dermal tissues and redefines facial contours acting on wrinkles and withering. The skin will be ready to receive more effectively the active substances contained in subsequent facial treatments.

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