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Diffuser Grape & Bilberry 250 ml

The fragrance diffuses strength and power to the environment in an explosive mix of bilberries, grapes and nobles berries from the forests of the Tuscan mountains. A bouquet of colour and flavours, in a synaesthesia of emotion that captures body and soul.


Diffuser Mimosa Flowers250 ml

End of winter. An unmistakable and inebriating scent spreads in the warm morning air, a splash of light stands out among the bare trees. It is the wild mimosa with its delicate flowers and its intense and joyous aroma, prelude of spring.


Diffuser Grape Wood 250 ml

The fragrance combines the strong notes of dried grapes with aged wood from the historic Tuscan
vineyards, to give a simple and natural fragrance to the environment. A dip into the scents of history,
when everything was about to begin.